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Miles is a food delivery service which offers full service or do it yourself options for catering to your business.

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Miles Referral Code

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Why use Miles?

Some reasons why you may want to try using Miles to service your catering needs.

Here’s a complete list of features:

  • Simple order scheduling

    A simple online ordering experience allowing you to schedule your orders from all your favorite restaurants.

  • Huge restaurant choice

    Order yourself from hundreds of local restaurants & get them delivered right to you.

  • A single service fee

    We charge a single service fee for entire experience including delivery, tip and even setup.

  • Instant email receipts

    Get a complete breakdown of your order immediately once it’s placed emailed straight to you.

  • Group shared ordering

    Send a link around to your team, they can join & see what everyone is ordering and order themselves.

  • Split-the-bill ordering

    Order with split-the-bill and allow your team to pay for it themselves with their own credit cards.

  • Group budget limits

    Set per person limits on your group orders so you can stick to your budget for every team member.

  • Real-time group chat

    Discuss your group order easily with our real-time chat feature to figure out who is ordering what.

  • Live order tracking

    Watch your delivery in real-time by logging into our system and tracking your Professional’s progress.

  • SMS status updates

    Get full SMS alerts as your delivery progresses including the ability to only receive the final SMS on arrival.

  • Full receipt history

    Get easy access to all your receipt history so you can quickly print them or even email them to yourself again.

  • Review and feedback

    Leave reviews directly through your account and even via email to help us improve your experience even more.

  • Post tipping

    If you want to leave a tip after your delivery is complete you can do this directly from your order history.

  • Credit card management

    Add, remove and manage all your credit cards from your account whenever you need.

  • Company portal

    Manage all your team inside your company portal so you can quickly see who has joined your organization.

  • Professionally trained staff

    Get the best of the best delivering to you who are always courteous, friendly and happy to help.

  • Correct food labeling

    All our Professionals are trained to check each of your items at the restaurant to ensure they are correct.

  • Food safety certificates

    Our Professionals have full food safety & handling certifications and know how to handle your food.

  • Safe and secure transport

    Your food is transported inside advanced heat retention bags to ensuring it arrives hot & fresh.

  • Easy communication

    You’re in full communication with your Miles Professional every step of the way in case something goes wrong.


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SquareCash referral code LQGGLKC for $5 free

SquareCash referral code LQGGLKC for $5 free (use during signup)!

Get $5 free for trying out SquareCash by using SquareCash referral code LQGGLKC! I actually like it better than using paypal to pay off friends and relatives. In fact, I prefer it because of the $Cashtag option which allows me to receive cash just by telling people my $cashtag instead of my phone number or email.

squarecash referral code

SquareCash referral code LQGGLKC during signup

Sign up to SquareCash and receive $5 just by entering SquareCash referral code LQGGLKC during signup! It may just be the fastest $5 you will ever earn. Use it to pay your friend for coffee, treat a friend to pizza, or pay back someone for running into their fence! SquareCash is Fast, easy, and free to use! If you receive money from friends using SquareCash, it deposits right into your debit account. No need to have it held in a separate account like paypal!

To receive $5 free, just use SquareCash referral code LQGGLKC during signup.

SquareCash referral code

Use SquareCash referral code LQGGLKC during the signup process to receive $5 free!

Cash is fast.
Most payments deposit within seconds to your bank.

Cash is easy.
Use it with anyone, even if they don’t have an account.

Cash is free.
Send money to friends and family at no cost.

Want to learn more about SquareCash? Head over to their website at

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Graze promo code get a free box of snacks! Use code CARLS9YTP

What is Graze? is an online snack provider which gives snacking a new twist! Items such as strawberry chocolate cheesecake, creamy ranch kernel pops, banana cream pie mix, and spicy thai sriracha crunch make snacking an experience. No longer will you need to sit there thinking about what sorts of snacks you can munch on, you just get your snack’s delivered and just throw them into your mouth. Yum Yum!

Get your first and fifth box free just by signing up using Graze promo code CARLS9YTP! or by clicking on the graze promo code link here:

Graze promo Code

Click the image above to redeem your first (and 5th) box of graze goodies for free!

Just by using the Graze promo code provided above, you can easily try graze without paying a dime!

graze promo codeYou can also manually enter in the Graze promo code by navigating to and clicking on the “enter it here” link as shown below (right after the ‘have a special code?’ text).

graze frontpage

After clicking on the link, a screen will popup and ask you to enter in the graze promo code…like shown below.

Graze promo code

Just enter in CARLS9YTP and click continue!

Just enter in Graze promo code CARLS9YTP and click continue! Thats all there is to it to receive your first box free!

In case you didn’t want to enter the graze promo code in manually, just click the links below.

Graze promo Code Link


Graze promo Code

Instacart Referral Code $10 off and Free shipping! 13kZCr

Instacart Referral Code | Use Referral code “13kZCr” for $10 off and Free shipping!

Instacart Referral Code

Referral “13kZCr”

Click the link below to apply an Instacart Referral Code for $10 & FREE DELIVERY off your first order!

Instacart is a mobile shopping service which purchases produce and other household items with the click of a button and delivers them straight to your door! is not affiliated in any way with The opinions in this article, either expressed or implied, are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of All we do is offer free credit by giving you an Instacart coupon code to use with the service 🙂

instacart promo code

The best way to shop for groceries

Delivered from the stores you love in one hour

instacart coupon

Don’t know what instacart is?

Instacart allows you to easily order groceries from their many various partners with the click of a button. Have groceries effortlessly delivered the same day (theres even an option for 2 hour delivery!) using their instacart app or just heading to and going through their checkout process. Don’t forget to use the Instacart Referral Code!

Physically unable, or too busy to pick up an essential ingredient or forgotten item on your list? Don’t worry, find the item online at and have it delivered straight to your home by the end of the day.

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It couldnt be easier,try it yourself!

If you’re still on the fence about trying instacart for the first time, using Instacart Referral Code 13kZCr to receive $10 & FREE DELIVERY before checkout will make things painless. Who wouldn’t want free delivery and a nice discount just by applying a Promo coupon!? No more snipping, cutting, and fussing with paper coupon ads.

Don’t know where to input the Referral code? Click your name after signing into your account, select ‘See Account Info’, select the ‘Coupons’ tab, and click the ‘Redeem Coupon’ button.

Enter the Instacart Referral Code 13kZCr and click on the redeem button or click the link below: $10 code

Instacart referral code

The unseen Instacart

Instacart is interesting to say the least. It promises groceries delivered to ones front doorstep, but it doesnt have its own fleet of delivery drivers. Instead it uses a sort of uberesque approach to deliver by having drivers deliver on-demand. It operates like uber, but with your groceries as passengers. Whats interesting about this is that Instacart needs to effectively manage two very different aspects of its business–the on-demand nature of its distribution network, and maintaining its grocery provider network. Because of this, Instacart has become somewhat of a Big-Data company with much of its funding being directed into the building of its Big Data crunching capabilities. Everything about people’s purchasing habits are being logged, analyzed, and made into useable bits of information many companies are willing to purchase. This isnt bad in and of itself, but it further complicates the execution of its basic premise, having groceries delivered right to your door. Thank heavens this is all invisible to the end user. One can blissfully receive just what they ordered without needing to stress about how its being delivered.